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H. Pylori Infections

Infections caused by H. pylori are not a disease in and of themselves, but a health care provider will confirm that you are infected if you have symptoms, which can include indigestion and stomach pain. H. pylori infections can be detected with a few tests. In addition to a stool sample, blood antibody tests may […]

How to Spot Fungal Infections

Unlike the other infections, fungal infections are rarely contagious. They occur in the environment and usually begin with similar symptoms as other illnesses. Although they are not contagious, they are more common in people with weakened immune systems. Knowing how to spot a fungal infection is important for prompt treatment. Here are some tips for […]

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections are infectious diseases caused by bacteria, which live on and in many different organs, including the human body. Bacteria differ in their causes, mechanisms of transmission, and time frames. The earliest known bacterial agents of disease are gram-positive and gram-negative bacilli, which are members of the phylum Eubacteria. Other bacteria, such as treponemes […]

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