5/15/21-Pure Éire Dairy recalls certain yogurt because state officials reported it could be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7. The health department is investigating an outbreak of E. Coli infections in Washington.
The dairy announced the recall on its Facebook page, saying that it has requested retailers to remove all PCC Markets brand and Pure Éire brand yogurt from sales.recalled-pcc-markets-yogurt
This container of PCC Market’s yogurt was in the home of one of the outbreak patients.
The company is also advising consumers not to eat any yogurts if they have them in their homes.
The recall comes amidst a growing outbreak of E. Coli infections in Washington State. As many as 11 people across four counties are sick. All but one are children. Food safety attorney Bill Marler is representing three of the patients.
A common denominator among the three patients is that they all ate the yogurt, Marler said. He said health department officials had collected yogurt samples from one of the patient’s homes for testing. The Washington Department of Health had not responded to requests for information about the outbreak investigation as of midnight.
The yogurt subject to recall is PCC organic grass-fed yogurt in 8- and 16-ounce containers. All flavors and all best-by dates are included in the recall, according to a notice on the PCC Markets website.
Additional products are listed in the recall as possibly containing the recalled yogurt. Those products are yogurt on the salad bar, Butter Chicken from the hot bar and to-go casseroles, Spicy Yellow Curry Chicken from the hot bar and to-go casseroles, Tzatziki Sauce from grain bowl bar to-go spreads, and Sticky Toffee Pudding with the refrigerated desserts.
Marler said he anticipates additional recalls because the producer packages products under different brands.


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