During these trying times with the rapid increases in positive COVID-19 rates especially in states like Arizona, Texas and Florida it is now more important than ever to boost your immune system to lessen your susceptibility to pathogens such as Covid. Your immune system is made up of an intricate set of components that work together to combat viruses and other pathogens invading your body.

There are many ways that you can help boost your immune system including smoking abstinence, regular exercise, a balanced diet with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, adequate sleep, staying at a healthy, lean body weight and keeping stress level’s low. There are also dietary supplements that can help as well.

Introducing PCI’s Immuno-Boost homeopathic drops for the relief of symptoms related to chronic illness including fatigue, effects of toxin buildup, slowed metabolism, weakened constitutions by:

Reducing blood pressure, increasing energy, eliminating toxins, managing acute congestion of the lungs, stimulating the body’s defensive capabilities. Helping boost endurance and fighting off fatigue, depressing fever and paroxysmal sneezing, dropping of watery mucus from nostrils, managing inflammation through respiratory tract causing asthma, chest pains, etc., purifying the blood and cleansing the system from its impurities, helping with lack of concentration, anxiety and nervousness.

People who have bought Immuno Boost also like Energize, Detox Oral drops and the Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test (CSA)..

For a limited time only with the purchase of Immuno Boost we are offering Energize for just $9.99 (normally priced at $35), Detox for ONLY $19.99 (normally priced at $37.50) and the CSA for only $129 ((normally ($164)

The CSA screens for parasitic bacterial and fungal infections which include common parasites such as Escherichia coli, Giardia and tapeworm as well as fungal infections such as Candida. Of equal importance are the biomarkers screened for including mucus and white blood cells. An elevated number of white blood cells is a prime indicator of any viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection.

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