Parasites are not just common in third world countries. Affecting those who are at home in the United States and those abroad, they infect our digestive tract, slowing down our basic functions and taking away our precious stores of energy. A frightening statistic? 85% of Americans have at least one form of parasite.

What is a parasite? We learn in biology in our high school courses parasites live on or in the body of another organism. In humans, parasites feed on supplements, food we ingest, cells which line the intestines, and they take nutrition from the body at its source. Parasites come in all different sizes and species, and all cause damage to the body.

Such a high statistic of parasitic infection in the US, you’d think more people would know about parasites. The problem is that a number of parasites are not present with noticeable symptoms. The most common signs include a variety of symptoms which could be considered something else. Gas, constipation, skin problems, lack of energy, and joint pain can all be symptoms which are treated as one thing when parasitic infection is the real reason for the issue.

The problem with parasites is their ability to invade and survive in tissue all over the body. Their presence is not limited to one area, so they are even more difficult to detect. They can enter through the mouth, nose, or absorbed through the skin from something as simple as walking barefoot in your yard. Parasites can cause lasting damage when they feed on cells, and their waste is hazardous to the body as it is toxic. Many disorders have been associated with parasitic infection, like weight problems and epilepsy, so their presence in the body is dangerous as having regular exposure to certain toxins.

Getting rid of these tiny invaders is important for obvious reasons. The question is how. How do you rid your body of microscopic organisms bogging you down? The first step to take is to evaluate your diet. Excluding refined carbohydrates, sugars and fermented foods and focusing on organic vegetables is a good first step in your parasite free living.

Before taking any supplements, make sure your system is regular. If you are not having regular movements, you may end up reabsorbing the toxins into your system and not really helping. Doing an herbal cleanse which takes care of the liver, skin, colon, and other elimination channels will help prepare the body for a proper parasite cleanse.

You can find antimicrobial and antifungal cleanse kits at most health food retailers. A cleanse which has a variety of herbs is best. A good blend will include orange peel, thyme root, rosemary seed, garlic, wormwood, and caprylic acid. The combination of these herbs should be taken in two fifteen day installments with a five day rest period. The rest will allow parasites in all stages to be removed from the body.

Once you complete your herbal cleanse, healing the body is the next step to a happier, healthier you. Taking probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus will bring back a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. Hydrochloric acid enzymes will reduce the ability for future parasitic infections to take hold.


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