Mangosteen, a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia is rapidly gaining popularity as a dietary supplement for various reasons. Also known as Garcinia mangostana, the fruit has dark purple rind and an inner pulp that tastes sweet, tart, juicy, and refreshing.

Since the days of the Ming dynasty, practitioners of Chinese traditional medicines have relied on mangosteen and its pulp to treat infections, wounds, cholera, and other similar health issues.

In addition to these benefits, mangosteen contains plant chemicals known as xanthonese. Various studies have shown that the phytoceutical has properties such as anti-tumor, anti-leukemia, ant proliferation, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidants that are known to help many types of cancer.

How does mangosteen work to help cancer patients?

According to a laboratory study published in 2002, researchers have found that another xanthones known as garcinone E is beneficial for liver, stomach, and lung cancer cells.

Another study showed that garcinone E, gamma-mangostin, and alpha-mangostin (found in Mangosteen) can inhibit the activity of breast cancer cells.  And a study conducted in 2009 showed that alpha-mangostin lessens the metastasis in the human prostate carcinoma cell line PC-3.

The breakthrough in the studies was seen in 2011. A scientific review published in a magazine showed that the xanthones found in mangosteen have similar properties as chemotherapy and are able to impact the initiation and growth of cancer. This means that mangosteen can not only be used to prevent cancer but also treat it.


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Researchers screened 12 different xanthonese in mangosteen. These include:

  • alpha-mangostin
  • beta-mangostin
  • mangostanol
  • 3-isomangostin
  • gertanin
  • Garcinone A
  • Garcinone B
  • Garcinone C
  • Garcinone D
  • Garcinone E
  • Maclurin
How can I take mangosteen in my diet?

Xanthone enriched mangosteen juice is widely available online as well as local health food stores. They are also available in capsule or tablet form. Experts recommend taking 500 milligrams of capsule or tablet by mouth twice a day or 30 milliliters of juice.

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However, when dealing with a serious health condition especially cancer, it is important to consult a professional and a trusted health professional before using mangsoteen in your daily diet. Although, there are no serious side effects reported from taking mangosteen, it is necessary to enjoy the fruit and its juice in a moderate quantity. Similar to other foods, mangosteen can evoke an allergic reaction in some individuals.


The research conducted on the fruit is extremely promising. However, human studies have not yet been established. This is why it should not be used as the primary mode of treatment for cancer or any other disease. Enjoy it in good health.

Mangosteen is also good for the decrease in allergies, and personal health. Buy our mangosteen supplements here.


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