Freedom Cleanse Restore* 90 day Protocol Pkg (CPT 84591)


The Freedom, Cleanse, Restore Protocol is a 3-month regimen. The herbal components of FCR were carefully researched and selected to help protect the body from factors causing occasional stomach imbalances. FCR also helps support a healthy GI tract function.

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    What is Freedom Cleanse Restore?
    The high quality, herbal components of FCR were carefully researched and selected to unlock the key to digestive health and balance. Originally offered only to doctors, FCR is now available direct to patients without prescription.

    This program will promote healthy GI tract function by supporting optimal digestion, absorption, and elimination. Dr. Omar Amin, world-renowned scientist and health researcher, as well as the chief formulator, has been providing healthcare professionals with his Freedom Cleanse Restore digestive formulas for years and now we are offering it to you. Whether you have recently vacationed out of the country, are feeling sluggish every day, or are experiencing temporary digestive difficulties, Freedom Cleanse and Restore are power-packed formulas that will enliven your digestive health which is essential to feeling more energized and balanced. Overall health benefits are accomplished by the cleansing action and by harmonizing the function of organ systems with those of the digestive tract providing immune support.

    The program includes three formulas, to be taken together, each with a different function. The formulas have a pronounced synergistic effect when taken together that far surpasses any total cleanse on the market.

    FCR was specifically designed to be a broad spectrum product which also has the necessary cleansing aspects, as well as balancing aspects needed for a healthy gut.


    Should I take FCR?
    You can benefit from FCR if…

    If you have occasional, mild digestive or bowel irregularities, use to support a healthy balance.
    For best results, you should drink plenty of water and avoid greasy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks, particularly within an hour before and after taking the capsules. You should also eat fewer simple carbohydrates and fats and more complex carbohydrates and proteins in the form of lean meats. For more dietary information see our Support Guide.



    Freedom: Thyme leaf, watermelon seed, gentian root, rosemary, rangoon creeper, aloe vera, cramp bark, hyssop leaf.
    Proprietary blend: Garlic bulb, olive leaf extract, pumpkin seed, grapefruit seed extract, wild harvested pomegranate, clove bulb, black walnut hull, peppermint leaf, black cumin seed, wormwood, fennel seed, caprylic acid, papaya leaf, oregano leaf.

    Cleanse: Fennel seed, cascara sagrada, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root, fo-ti, corn silk, atlantic kelp.|
    Proprietary blend: Orange peel, clove bulb, ginger root, peppermint leaf, black cumin seed, cinnamon bark, psyllium husk.

    Restore: Molasses, carob powder, rhubarb root, sage, thyme leaf, alfalfa leaf, atlantic kelp, rosemary, chicory root, corn silk, safflower.
    Proprietary blend: Ginger root, clove bulb, peppermint leaf, cayenne fruit, licorice root, chamomile, grapefruit, echinacea, fennel seed.

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