PCI Detox Oral Drops


PCI Detox Multipack Oral Drops aids in the promotion of GI health, the maintenance of pain, and promotes mental stability and alertness. PCI’s complex – relief, alert, comfort, detox remedy lasts for approximately four weeks, if your in-take does not exceed 10 drops per use.

Simply add drops to water and consume per the directions on the package.

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PCI Detox offers you alertness, relief, and comfort.

Theses three separate formulas were developed as an all-around detoxification remedy. This wonderful detox remedy is now labeled PCI Detox.

This all-natural liquid remedy is formulated to support and promote your bodies drainage and detoxification – through your urinary tract, digestive tract, and internal organ function (i.e. gallbladder).

PCI Detox is the first line of defense when it comes to protection against the harmful agents of the outside world.

PCI Relief is a pain relief oral drop that temporarily relieves minor pains. PCI Relief supports cartilage and joint function. Relief supports cartilage and joint function.

PCI Comfort aids in the progression of digestive comfort by offering temporary relief of minor bloating, nausea and indigestion.

PCI Alert helps to restore mental alertness, and improves mental clarity, when you are experiencing fatigue.

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