What is CPET?

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) has become more common than ever when evaluating exercise capacity. Some men and women with lung or heart complications still wish to remain physically fit. CPET provides the assessment of exercise responses involving the pulmonary, cardiovascular, and skeletal muscle systems. CPET allows for multiple organ system functions to be measured, rather than a single organ system function.

The CPET is performed by a clinician monitoring a patient, while they ride a stationary bicycle. Often times, a small catheter will be placed at the base of the patient’s wrist to monitor their blood. The clinician or physician will be present during most or all of the CPET. A pulse oximeter and EKG leads will also be placed on the patient during testing. This test allows for PCI Wellness to determine the amount of physical strenuous activity your body is allotted to go.

Conditions Treated

  • Pulmonary hypertension


How long does it last?

CPET is completed when the patient decides he or she has completed it. Test results will allow the patient to do more or less rigorous exercise. The initial test is performed by the patient being hooked up to various medical testing equipment, and having tools placed on their body. Once everything is attached to the patient, and they are comfortable, the patient will begin riding the stationary bicycle at a stagnant rate. The test begins prior to the patient even beginning a single stride, so that the physician is able to test resting heart rate and other essential levels. The patient then vigorously cycles on the stationary bicycle, until they can no longer. During this part of the test, the patient’s heart and lungs are assessed.

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