Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

Experience private and personalized training sessions by Jonathan in PCI Wellness’s brand new fitness studio. Not a gym, but a space designed to enhance and maximize your own physical abilities through individualized fitness plans, adaptive state-of- the-art equipment and one-on- one attention from certified personal trainer Jonathan.

Whether your desire is to lose a few pounds, tone certain areas, gain strength and mass, improve cardiopulmonary fitness or maintain your current level of fitness, PCI Wellness’s trainers will design a program based on your individual goals.

Conditions Treated

  • Physical Therapy

How long does it last?

Personal training sessions typically last 60 minute, where clients are vigorously working out and gaining muscle mass, while eliminating fat. Personal training sessions can be tailored to less time than 60 minutes, if the instructor has worked out a specific workout. In order to remain physically fit, a client must participate in recurring personal training sessions.

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