Medicinal use and Health Benefits

Gentian is one of the best remedies for stomach problems. Because of the bitter principles contained in this plant, gentian has the ability to increase production of digestive juices so that it whets the appetite and aids digestion. The main component responsible for this property is amarogentin, an active ingredient which increases production of saliva which triggers an increased production of bile and gastric juices. Gentiopicroside and inulin have gastro-stimulant properties, while the swertiamarin stimulates the pancreas. Therefore this plant is used in the following digestive anomalies:

Loss of appetite:

This can be caused by various reasons (personal problems, body weakness, etc.)


The excess of gas, usually caused by poor digestion, can be alleviated by the ingestion of this plant.


In “lazy” stomachs gentian helps stimulate digestion, making it a more favorable and faster process, while avoiding the cumbersome problems posed by indigestion. Gentian stomach also has tonic properties. The increase of gastric acid produced by its bitter principles (gentiopicroside and inulin) promote digestion. You can also use gentian wine.


Gentian can be used for liver failure in helping the body to work under better conditions. All this will not only help better achieve the digestive processes but to prevent other symptoms such as jaundice, liquid accumulation or liquid retention, fatigue, etc.

Intestinal Worms:

The carvacrol content of gentian gives it vermifuge properties making it suitable for expelling intestinal worms.

In situations of physical weakness, during convalescence from illness, gentian helps overcome the lack of energy because it is a good tonic that restores the strength of the body. In addition to the digestive tonic properties, gentian is also a general tonic. Gentian possesses leucocinogenic properties, that’s to say, it can increase the production of white blood cells, which strengthens the and helps prevent the emergence of new contagious diseases or facilitates their healing. As a blood cleanser, gentian is used to remove toxins and impurities from the bloodstream. There is evidence that this plant has antibiotic properties so it can be used to treat bacterial-type diseases such as ear infections orotitis, bronchitis, etc.

For more information view the source: Botanical online

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