When you think about water, it’s probably a combination of bacteria and parasites. But babies’ stomachs are particularly susceptible to parasites, so what can you do about it? A common home remedy is to boil water and then filter it. But it doesn’t really work, says one neighbor who sucks water from the tap every day. Boiling water doesn’t kill water parasites, and a filter doesn’t do any better.

Most water parasites in dogs cause diarrhea, and most are easily treated. However, their infection is more serious in immunocompromised or debilitated animals. A common parasite known as Leptosporidia has the worst prognosis and can lead to kidney and liver failure. Vaccination and drinking only clean water are your best bet. However, don’t limit yourself to freshwater – a healthy immune system will be able to clear parasites if they attack.

Cryptocaryon irritans are one of the most common water parasites and can be found in fish from both freshwater and saltwater habitats. This parasite causes difficulty breathing and high levels of white dots on the scales and eyes. Fortunately, it can be treated in a freshwater aquarium as well. Unfortunately, infected fish do not recover well and are often dead in a few days. So, be sure to keep your aquarium clean and your fish parasite-free.

You can use lemon seeds and turmeric to fight waterborne parasites. Coconut water is also very powerful in eliminating these parasites. Also, you can use water filters or a water softener to ensure clean water. The most important step toward curing water parasites is avoiding contaminated water. You can also use water filters and lemon seeds to kill parasites. A quality water filter can eliminate many parasites, including Giardia.


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