What foods cause parasites in humans? There are several different types, including toxoplasma and Trichinella. Toxoplasma is spread through contaminated meats and undercooked produce. Pinworms and roundworms are also spread from animal to human through fecal-to-oral routes. These parasites attack meat and fish, especially undercooked meat. Taenia, also known as pork tapeworm, is a particular concern.

Some types of parasites can be large enough to be visible to the naked eye. In some cases, thriving worms inside an animal can grow amazingly long. They are known as tapeworms, but they can also be small and can only be seen with the naked eye. Other types of parasites include hookworms, giardia lamblia, scabies mite, and flatworm. These parasites can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and poor absorption of nutrients. Oftentimes, people with parasite infections don’t know how they got sick.

Protozoan parasites are transmitted through contaminated water and food. These parasites can be carried from animal to human and can survive in unpasteurized milk or cider. The time needed for food to travel can also favor the development of parasites. Proper washing of raw foods is essential to lowering the risk of consuming them. However, some vegetables are difficult to wash completely, and they may contain parasites.

Triatomine beetles are the kissing bugs. They seek human contact at night and defecate on the host’s skin. Their bite wound is often scratched with their feces. Triatomine beetle parasites can infect humans through food or water. Some recent outbreaks of T.cruzi in humans have been linked to sugar cane juice and fruit.

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