Detoxification is the eradication of all the harmful substances from the body. These toxins are removed from your body to cleanse your bloodstream. Detoxification aids in weight loss.

Detoxification is necessary to keep your mind and body healthy. Detoxification will remove all the toxins, pollutants, metals, contaminants from your body that are harmful to your health. We are surrounded by an environment of pollutants that are inhaled constantly through the air. Removal of these poisons can be done by detox.

Go for a fruit detox

Food detox is a very amazing method to fast without starving. Eating enough fruit will maintain your energy level, provides you minerals and vitamins, provides hydration, maintain your weight. You can either choose one fruit you like or many fruits depending upon your taste for a healthy detox. Choose the following fruits as they have high detoxifying effects:

Citrus fruits: Lemon, oranges, tangerines, lime and grapefruit have high detoxifying effects. You can eat them or mix with another fruit to enjoy the good flavor. Try not to exceed 7 days in a row of fruit-only diet.

Grape detox: Grapes contain resveratrol. This helps fight cancer, diabetes and prevents blood clots. It is high in potassium and vitamin C. Eat it for 3-5 days.

Drink detox water

Water containing flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs is called detox water. It not only helps in removing wasteful substances from the body but also helps in reducing and shedding weight. Two important detox waters are as follows:

Cucumber detox water: It is very healthy detox water. Cucumber is 96% of water. It helps boost vitamin C levels, beta carotene, manganese, molybdenum and some other antioxidants.
Lemon detox water: It contains antioxidants, aids in weight loss. Lemon is rich in pectin fiber and keeps you satiated.

Detox water helps in weight loss in the following way:

1. Boosts metabolism: Detox water helps to boost metabolism and facilitate the cleansing of your body.
2. Control hunger: Drinking detox water will make you hydrated and stay full. This will lead to less dependence on fatty foods. This also adds some minerals to your body.
3. Less in calories: Detox water is highly low in calories. Low calories food content will lead to weight loss.
4. Fat-free: Your detox water is flavored with fruits and vegetables. Therefore fat content is negligible as compared to fats present in sugary drinks.
5. Good for digestive health: Detox water helps you to establish a digestive system with healthy nutrients and enzymes. Therefore it is also a key factor in digestive health and weight loss.

Choose the right food

One of the most important things for your body detox is choosing the right food to eat. Choose such foods that are devoid of excess fats and calories as they will induce weight and cause other problems as well. Avoid fast foods and processed foods as they will not be good for health. Prefer foods that are rich in fiber and water content. Eat fruits and vegetables. Use the following:

1. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.
2. Nuts and seeds: Try walnut, almonds and flax seeds for healthy snacks as they are rich in fiber that helps in proper excretion.
3. Legumes: Beans and lentils are good sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.


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