What parasite causes toxoplasmoses? You’re probably wondering what this condition is. This article will answer that question and more. The answer will vary depending on the patient and their underlying health. Some pregnant women may need to get monitored for symptoms. While many people won’t develop toxoplasmosis symptoms during pregnancy, pregnant women are at high risk of passing the infection to their unborn child. If they are already pregnant, the symptoms of toxoplasmosis may not show up for years.

To avoid the infection, you should wash your hands often and cook meat thoroughly. This applies to lamb, pork, and deer. You should also avoid touching raw vegetables or fruit. You should also wash and dry your hands thoroughly after touching raw meat or raw cured meat. You should also wash cutting boards and kitchen utensils with hot water and soap after touching raw meat or poultry. Lastly, you should keep cats indoors if you have a weakened immune system.

People with weak immune systems are more likely to contract toxoplasmosis than healthy people. It can also affect unborn babies and newborn babies. Pregnant women can pass the parasite to their babies, but in most cases, babies develop only mild symptoms. During pregnancy, pregnant women may also contract toxoplasmosis, exposing unborn babies to the infection through the placenta.


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